5 Sweet Things To Do With Your GF

Are you looking for ways to spend more time together and make her feel more special? Use these sweet things to do with her to get the job done.

Help her with her chores: If you’re lazing around the home, and your girlfriend’s busy slaving on her errands, get your butt off & offer a helping hand to her and enjoy her smiling face all day long.

Buy a little something: Every now & then, stop by your way to meet her & pick up a small something, be it flowers, something to eat or even a silly something. It is an excellent way to make her feel more pampered without doing something extraordinary.

Remember her dates: Keep the special dates in mind & make every one of them unforgettable, even if it is just with a card or a flower.

Do silly things together: The more mischievous you’re the happier your bonding will be. Fool around your GF by teasing her or saying something in her ear while nibbling it. Play fun games together, watch a whole season of a TV show or make a funny video together while mimicking to a popular rock song.

Gift a pet to her: If you think your GF into animals, present a pet to her. A puppy or kitten is ideal for someone who loves them. A fish bowl is also a great gift to see her smiling face.

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